Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Just like we do every year, once again, the moment has come to present our latest trends, and so it is with great pride that we introduce our SPRING/SUMMER LINFADECOR COLLECTION.

In this 2021 edition we will present eleven new items.
There are two preserved trees: the POPULUS and the MULTI – TRUNK CALLISTEMON which, by the way, matches perfectly with the COROLLA VASE, another exclusive new entry.
Last, but not least, in our spectacular array of Preserved Green creations, is an eye-catching version of the MINI OLIVE TREE. Furthermore, three new Green Frameworks have been added to our Catalogue: the WAVE and METAL COUNTRY metal panels and the TRIO frame-set boasting the exclusive preserved Tamarind Moss. The RUSTIC FLORAL COMPOSITION, the MEDITERRANEAN-TYPE VASES and the METAL MILK CANS complete the series of the “must- have” latest trends available this Season.

Hereby attached are two precious and useful links: the first will allow you to watch the video we have made boasting our new Collection and by downloading the second, you will be able to have a look at the LinfaDecor Magazine displaying a whole new world of preserved beauty.

The video of the 2021 trends
The LinfaDecor Magazine Spring/Summer 2021