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Ground self-carrying clock produced in “Briccole di Venezia” .
Composed of 2 columns; back linear, front oblique so to create a curious perspective play from any side you can see it.
In a place especially created in the back column, the plant arrangement is positioned in the different proposed typologies.
The in-built clock allows the hands to turn at 360° creating in some hours a funny imaginary perception of the time.

Design: Linfadecor Studio

Material: created in “Briccole di Venezia” wood

Finishes :Natural, raw wood.
Clock hands : gold / black colour

Dimensions: cm 20 x 22 h 185
Plants: Camouflage lichen typologies, flat Moss, one-colour Lichen, Nature.

What are the “briccole di Venezia?”

The “Briccole” are groups of three poles that in the lagoon canals mark the ship areas and supply a series of important information to the seafarers. They are replaced after having been engraved by shellfishes that, through a job made of holes, leave a sign of their passage.  A pole placed in the lagoon last on average 5-10 years; then it is  replaced once it is oxidized.  The wood they are composed of, in the course of the years, obtains extraordinary characteristics that make it one of the most sought object from the most important designers worldwide.  However, the value of this material goes beyond its physical composition: we collect from the water a piece of history of the Venetian lagoon and, through a careful process of handcrafted working, we obtain furnishing components that include all the beauty and charm of this wonderful place. Our contribution is both environmental and artistic, it is a commitment for the protection of the environment, through the reutilization of a material intended to disposal, there is also the will to create exclusive design objects, embellished by wonderful motifs engraved in the wood by shellfishes that feed from it.