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A reinterpretation of Cling small tables concept.
The shape starts from a rectangular or a square but, thanks to the possibility of disassembling any single element, it is possible to interpret the space and shapes in any home, public, business place, in a very innovative way in comparison to the traditional systems based on more common shapes.

Seen in a front position, the dimensions of the frame of each single element change, giving birth to a three-dimensional play and thanks to the finish contrast, it is very pleasant.
Design: Linfadecor Studio

Material: frames in oak wood, Premium Hydrangea
Hydrangea Colours: Lime, Meringue, Hydrangea, Pineapple, Azalea, Grapes, Watermelon, Cherry, Sugared Almond, Apricot, Aubergine.

Finishes: Frames: black oak wood, Arabic oak wood, raw oak wood


LARGE MODEL: Big cm 100X60, Small 40X20
MEDIUM MODEL: Big cm 60X40X20, Medium 40X40, Small cm20X20
SMALL MODEL: Big cm 60X60, Small cm 20X20