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Unique Table

Unique Table is an exclusive hand-made design collection of Tables which boasts the exquisite talent and expertise of our renowed Italian artisans. The table-tops of these masterpieces are definitely one-of-a-kind.They are made of different kinds of wood like Cedar,Oak,Walnut and Chestnut,as well as other precious essences and types of greenery.The top side of the tables are a single- pieced heritage of top-quality centennial tree trunks. What is remarkable about these tree-trunk slabs is how the components and colour shades blend perfectly. Furthermore, they are smooth  to the touch and as attractive as ever.The natural eco-friendly finishings hardly contrast the authentic original beauty of the wood, on the contrary,they help highlight the characteristic features and charm of natural knots and veins which are so typical. Each table has been decorated and embellished with great care. The addition of preserved plants clearly portrays the undistinguishable LinfaDecor touch and style typical of all its unique and trendy products. The  appealing colour palet created by the Ivy, Moss,Oak leaves and Beech tree inserts is amazing and comes in Autumn shades too. Every single Table of this collection has its own history and evokes different natural habitats. The models of the steel and iron legs and bases of each Table are all different and have been painted and varnished in various colour shades.However, the key to success lies in the extremely original and extravagant shapes of the Table legs, feet and bases, which is what adds a special dynamic touch and look to all of the tables of this Unique Collection .