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LinfaDecor Sicilian majolicas

Our designers and artists have spent a long time studying, researching and planning these items. In the end they came up with a perfect match: they combined the typical classic traditional beauty of Majolicas with an innovative modern design. We thus managed to create an exquisite collection of new and improved Sicilian Majolicas thanks to the artistic mastery of the local Caltagirone craftsmen. They helped us pick out the best colour shades so as to create the different styles we wanted in our collection. We are proud of these typically Sicilian decorative furnishing assets which to us represent a national heritage that we have in this way introduced in the artistic world of decorative design.
The LinfaDecor Sicilian Majolicas are a collection of decorative wall elements which, if necessary, can be custom-made and can come in different sizes ranging from the smallest 30x30cms up to bigger ones too. They are hollow on the inside and have been carved out of Old Oakwood.
Subsequently, they have been decorated with the traditional tiles and each and every tile has been hand-painted by skilled craftsmen in Sicily.

These decorative items are meant to be hung. Essentially, they are small artistic masterpieces, unique in their kind and very characteristic of the region which they come from. The bright white ceramics and the vivid coloured hand-painted tiles do infact recall the typical charm of Mediterranean Art. Colour combinations have enabled us to distinguish different themes in our
collection representing the four phases in a day: Mediterranean Dawn, Afternoon, Dusk and Night.
The vast range of colours chosen for each and every tile, as well as all the different types of preserved greenery with which they have been decorated, have contributed to create a harmonious blend conveying a poetic and evocative look.