Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

preserved flower wall

Flower Walls represent a symbol of luxury and fine style. Not only are they a “must have” in fashion trends,as well as in cosmetic and perfume commercials and advertisements, but they have now also become the clue settings of photo shoots, red carpet and boutiques all over the world.

LinfaDecor creates preserved Flower Walls with premium flowers, picked out with great care and placed one by one, by hand, in personalized and custom-made projects you may want to propose.

Fresh-cut flowers only last a couple of hours, but thanks to our specific treatments and stabilizing procedures, the flowers withold their natural beauty and preserve their original fresh scents for at least ten years.

The bouquet-type way in which the flowers are placed and set, grant a three-dimensional effect to the flower wall, turning it into the ideal decorative scenery in luxurious locations, boutiques, villas and hotels.

You can, by all means, place your order and specify exactly  how  you want it and of what size you need it to be. Please feel free to choose the scents and colours you may prefer yourself, or else, allow our flower designer to give you some advice and lead your way.

Flower walls