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Metal self -Metal portrait frameworks

Top-quality, hand-made portraits directly drawn and painted on the metal sheet by the artist. The Metal Self Portrait Frames are unique and exclusive pieces which can be ordered on request. We initially require a high-definition photograph of the person whose portrait you want, and then our highly-esteemed artist will make the oil painting portrait directly on the sheets of metal of which different types are available: Corten-Steel, Bare-raw Steel, De Labré Brass or Corroded and Weathered Copper plates. The Metal Self Portrait Frames are then adorned with inserts of different sorts of natural preserved plants and greenery such as the Forest Type or the Floral Mix. Metal Self is a top-quality, exclusive handicraft creation and can be an excellent choice if you need to make a special gift. Metal Self Portrait Frames belong to the line of the Metal Rust Collection which owes its success to the innovative idea of using recycled materials combined with preserved plants. The decorative items all reflect the trendy ‘industrial style’ of furnishing assets.

Design: Linfadecor

Sizes: standard 89x89cms (otherwise custom-made on request).

Metal: various types of metal sheets are available in DeLabré Brass, Corten-Steel and weathered and corroded Copper.

Greenery: either Floral Mix or Forest-type